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Strength Changes Everything

May 10, 2023

Join us for this replay from the archives to learn more about the benefits of strength training in a fun manner...


In the midst of preparing for the upcoming National Exercise Coach Conference, Brian and Amy play a game of trying to name as many benefits of strength as they possibly can without repeating themselves. As you would expect of something as important to your long-term health and performance as strength training, the ensuing list is ridiculously long and comprehensive.

  • With the National Exercise Coach Conference approaching rapidly, Amy came up with a game to play on the podcast while Brian is busy getting preparations underway. The rules are simple: Take turns naming a specific benefit of strength training until someone gets stumped.
  • The first batch of short and long-term benefits to strength training include:
    • increased bone density,
    • improved metabolism,
    • decreased gastrointestinal transit time,
    • decreased systemic inflammation,
    • enhanced flexibility,
    • improved cognition and brain function,
    • increased level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor,
    • lower blood pressure,
    • increased longevity,
    • and decreased disease risk.
  • Diseases that have a reduced risk are:
    • Alzheimer’s and dementia,
    • stroke,
    • type 2 diabetes,
    • coronary artery disease,
    • and autoimmune diseases.
  • Further benefits of strength training include:
    • increased vertical jump,
    • an easier time getting off the floor and going up the stairs,
    • increased sarcomerogenesis,
    • increased energy,
    • mitochondrial biogenesis,
    • decreased joint pain,
    • improved body image and self-confidence,
    • improved spinal ability,
    • improved cardiovascular health and function,
    • enhanced joint mobility,
    • it helps facilitate and maintain fat loss,
    • it reduces serum insulin levels and improves insulin sensitivity,
    • improved postprandial blood sugar,
    • anti-aging effects,
    • improved circulation,
    • improved muscle density,
    • the release of healthy muscle derived hormones,
    • destressing,
    • a lower resting heart rate,
    • greater endurance,
    • improved mood,
    • better sleep,
    • increased HDL,
    • reversing sarcopenia,
    • overall improvements in general performance in all areas of life.
  • This gigantic list of health benefits is the reason there is the quote: “If there was a pill that contained all the benefits of exercise it would be the most widely prescribed pill in the world.”





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