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Strength Changes Everything

Dec 16, 2020

Brian and Amy discuss the cutting edge technology that powers the Exercise Coach and makes it possible to deliver the world’s smartest 20-minute workout. Learn the secret to maximizing fitness results in the shortest time possible and how the Exerbotics technology makes exercise more fun and effective, while being more efficient at the same time.

  • There are three things that make the workouts stand out at the Exercise Coach: the workouts are based on the best science, use the best technology, and are delivered by a network of professionals.
  • “The best science” refers to the current understanding of strength, based on research that has demonstrated strength and muscle mass are the primary biomarkers for aging. Losing strength and muscle mass due to aging leads to experiencing the diseases of aging and metabolic decline.
  • Science-based strength training can reverse decades of muscle loss in just a few short months. Focusing on exercises that build muscle contributes to a long, active, and healthy life.
  • Exerbotics is the cutting-edge technology that powers the signature program that Exercise Coach offers.
  • Exerbotics quantifies exercise and helps people understand the exercise that really matters. It also customizes exercise and adapts to any body, making it just right for every fitness level. It also optimizes results in the shortest amount of time and is really the foundation for the 20-minute workout.
  • When someone becomes an Exercise Coach client, their first step is an assessment of their strength levels. This becomes the base for the exercise program and Exerbotics continues to measure and calibrate the effort they put out during exercise.
  • Measuring effort is what matters the most since the current science of strength shows that whole effort is what triggers the results we want to get from exercise.
  • Since the system adapts to the person, it becomes possible for anyone to do. With Exerbotics, the Exercise Coach can provide clients with extremely tailored exercise prescriptions. This ability-based approach makes the program challenging enough to get results, yet is something anybody can handle.
  • Maximizing results while minimizing the time required wouldn't be possible without Exerbotics.
  • There are three possible modes of resistance training: isotonic, isometric, and accommodating resistance. Accommodating resistance is the opposite of isotonic resistance, Exerbotic software controls the speed of the movement so that the muscle loading can adjust in real time through the exercise.
  • An individual’s strength isn’t static and fluctuates throughout an exercise. It varies during a movement as the angles of your joints change. With conventional resistance we run into sticking points and the exercise needs to be tailored to the weakest point in the movement, which prevents the muscles from being fully engaged.
  • Accommodating resistance makes it easier to deeply fatigue muscles in a much shorter time.
  • Exerbotics delivers effective eccentric muscle loading as a part of every exercise that someone does. Strength varies during eccentric and concentric movements as well, which means that people can miss out on powerful muscle benefits when using conventional strength training.
  • Strength varies as muscles fatigue, and conventional resistance doesn’t accommodate this change and limits how efficiently we can deeply fatigue our muscles.
  • Exerbotics also makes exercise safer. The Exercise Coach has run millions of exercise sets with people who have run the gamut of physical fitness.
  • Exerbotics controls the load with real time feedback based on the exerciser. The digital biofeedback makes it easier to see what you need to do in terms of effort, and this makes it easier to dig deeper than you thought you could in order to work the muscle groups that you’re trying to work.
  • Real time feedback is a gamechanger for motivating effort and getting people results. When athletes are provided with digital feedback that quantifies their effort, it’s been shown to increase their motivation, competitiveness, mood, and performance.
  • The Exercise Coach uses the data from every workout to ensure that more work is progressively applied to each workout to keep up with the client’s increasing strength capabilities.
  • Coaches are another key component. Coaches help clients stay motivated and achieve more than they would otherwise. They also provide accountability and keep clients on track each day.
  • Coaches provide clients the confidence and encouragement they need to give it their all during a workout. They also bring a passion for education and dispelling myths about fitness that people may have believed for years.
  • There are five characteristics of a stand-out Exercise Coach. The first is commitment and experience using the Exerbotics equipment themselves for their own training. The second is empathy and the ability to anticipate the needs of a client. The third is energy, since coaches need to bring energy and positivity to the client’s training session. The fourth is professionalism and being respectful, kind, and taking their job seriously. The fifth is instructional skill and being able to deliver the best exercise experience for each client.





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