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Strength Changes Everything

Sep 1, 2021

We are replaying one of our most popular episodes for you this week!


Brian and Amy dig into the top five reasons why people can’t begin or stick with the average fitness program and why those barriers don’t exist over at the Exercise Coach. Learn what’s holding you back from making strength training a regular part of your life and why the Exercise Coach paradigm may be right for you no matter how old you are or what fitness level you bring to the table.

  • Nearly 85% of the population is not engaging in meaning and regular exercise. Conventional exercise guidelines have failed for most people.
  • Some of the main obstacles preventing people from doing what they need to do are having the time and being concerned with safety.
  • Many people live with some sort of pain so they want to avoid exercise that they believe will exacerbate their condition, this is especially true for people over the age of 40.
  • Roughly 1 in 2 adults are afflicted by a musculoskeletal condition and when it comes to conventional fitness it may not be a good option for those people. The Exercise Coach approach takes this into account and tailors the exercise to the person’s unique situation.
  • Meeting people where they are is the core of the Exercise Coach and without that first step, they may never make fitness a part of their life.
  • The top 5 reasons that people don’t start or stick with exercising begin with not having enough time. 42% of people say they don’t have enough time, the next biggest reason is a lack of motivation.
  • A lack of motivation is understandable when you consider why someone would want to pursue the traditional exercise path that hasn’t given them the results they want.
  • The third biggest reason is that some people just don’t like exercise. For many clients of the Exercise Coach, this belief is often flipped on its head as people achieve results and transform their bodies.
  • The fourth biggest reason is work getting in the way. Committing to multiple hours a week to a fitness program can be daunting, which is why the Exercise Coach approach is so revolutionary.
  • The fifth most common reason for people avoiding exercise is that they “feel” too old. 41 is the average that most Americans feel too old to exercise. Some people even believe that they need to get in shape before working out.
  • The irony of not feeling like you belong in an exercise facility is that the older you get the more important exercise and strength training becomes for your longevity.
  • 63% of people believe that their habit of not exercising enough will shorten their lifespan. People know they need to exercise and by not doing anything, they are adding to their stress and shame.
  • Almost everyone can identify with one of those barriers, even if you enjoy exercise you can probably see people in your life that fall into those categories.
  • Fitness hasn’t done much to remove those barriers over the past five decades but the Exercise Coach is working to make fitness available to everybody.
  • The data and tracking that Exercise Coach provides to its clients is crucial to their success. Seeing progress is a huge component of maintaining motivation.
  • Not seeing results fast enough can be very demotivating and this prevents people from sticking with an exercise program. This is why having a guide and coach to help you reach those results is so important.
  • A bad experience exercising or an increase in pain can also be an obstacle that prevents people from staying with their program.
  • You will be hard-pressed to find another business that cares more about your fitness results than Exercise Coach.
  • Compare exercising to brushing your teeth. Exercising is a healthy long-term habit that changes your health trajectory for the better.
  • Amy plays a client testimonial from Brenda and how the Exercise Coach completely changed her mindset around exercise and how the program overcame her obstacles.
  • In terms of the fitness industry, the Exercise Coach is a very private and intimate program involving one-on-one coaching instead of the more common group activity that you would find in a gym. It’s mainly about coaching and understanding what each individual needs to achieve their fitness goals.





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