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Strength Changes Everything

Dec 27, 2023

Join us for this replay from the archives and learn more about why supervision is key to effective workouts...


When it comes to fitness results, the key to rapid, positive changes is having a coach who  can give you the accountability and motivation you need to work harder and more effectively while still being safe. Brian Cygan and Amy Hudson discuss why supervision is the key to effective strength training, and how when that’s combined with the digital feedback at the Exercise Coach, you can achieve the fitness results you’ve always wanted.  

  • It’s been said that the most forgotten variable in strength training is supervision.
  • There is plenty of research that verifies the personal health benefits of strength training but we need to remember that the vast majority of those studies are supervised. The researchers are effectively acting as personal trainers who are supervising and providing motivation and guidance.
  • Other studies have shown that supervised strength training leads to greater strength increases than unsupervised training. The smaller the coach’s class size, the greater the effect.
  • When researchers looked at supervised strength training with seniors, they found that when the supervision stops the results diminish or regress, even if the participant continues in a program on their own.
  • The supervision of strength training is the key to making it effective.
  • At the Exercise Coach, the coaches are present to make a difference in three areas: safety, effectiveness, and efficiency.
  • When we talk about safety we are referring to not only keeping a session injury-free, but also that workouts can be continued over the long-term. A qualified professional is going to be watching the form and techniques used while also choosing the right loads and machines for the task. Your workouts should be designed for you and your body, focusing on your current levels of fitness, strength, and ability.
  • The effectiveness of an exercise session is determined by the level of stimulus being applied to the body. Effort levels are of paramount importance and supervision provided by a personal trainer has to bring about higher levels of effort than an individual could manage on their own.
  • Studies have shown that people are capable of producing more force and working harder when someone is present and giving them verbal encouragement and accountability.
  • Digital feedback from the exercise machines, when combined with supervision, further increases a person’s ability to produce force.
  • In order for strength training to be effective, you have to pay close attention to form and technique. This is something that a trainer can provide more effectively than someone exercising on their own.
  • Many people fail to achieve the fitness results they are looking for from exercise because they are unable to exercise at the right intensity. It’s also possible to work at too high of an intensity and get injured. A coach helps you achieve the optimal intensity for your body.
  • The Exercise Coach creates plans that are personalized and optimal for each individual. When it comes to efficiency, clients never have to wonder which muscles to exercise or what to do next. The coaches get everything set up according to plan. This allows the client to focus on their form and their goal and makes it possible to deliver those results with a 20-minute workout.
  • When you work harder, it decreases the time it takes to see improvements in your fitness, which is why we optimize every second of every workout.
  • A trainer’s supervision means that you are going to work harder, but the encouragement of a good team will make it enjoyable.





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